Monitor for all new files in Drive > download a file

In the Google drive > download a file a model I have to state the exact file to download. The thing is I want tot to download any new files that have been added not the same file every time. I cant see a setting for this?

Hey @ND, welcome to the Community!

I think what you’re looking for is either the Google Drive Watch Files in a Folder module or the Watch All Files module. These are both polling trigger modules, so it has to be the first module in your scenario. You then schedule the scenario for how often you want it to run.

PS - it’s not always best to have it run super-often. Each scheduled run will use one Make operation just for the polling action. Try to estimate how many new files you’d expect per day, and then set the schedule interval accordingly.

PPS - There’s a great video on working with Google Drive in Make on Youtube.