Multiple Google Ads Lead Extensions as Trigger

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I have several different Google Ads lead form extensions and I want to use them as trigger to send an email with the lead information. I already accomplished to set this up for one lead form as trigger. So here is the question: is it possible to use several webhooks / lead form extensions from Google Ads as trigger or do I need one sequence per webhook / lead form extension to set this up?

Looking forward for your ideas and inputs, thanks!

Yes, it is possible to use several webhooks/lead form extensions from Google Ads as triggers in Integromat (formerly known as Make). You don’t necessarily need one sequence per webhook/lead form extension. Instead, you can handle multiple lead forms within a single scenario.
Here’s a suggested approach to achieve this:

  1. Start by creating a new scenario in Integromat.
  2. Add the Google Ads module and configure it to set up the authentication with your Google Ads account.
  3. Within the Google Ads module, add multiple instances of the “Watch Lead Form” module, each corresponding to a different webhook/lead form extension you want to monitor.
  4. For each “Watch Lead Form” module, configure the specific webhook/lead form extension by providing the necessary details, such as the customer ID, lead form ID, and any other required information.
  5. Next, add the desired modules for sending an email with the lead information. You can use the Email module or any other appropriate module for sending emails. Configure the module to include the relevant lead information in the email content.
  6. Connect the “Watch Lead Form” modules to the email-sending modules to trigger the email notification whenever a lead form is submitted.
  7. Customize the email content and recipient(s) based on your requirements.
  8. Test and run the scenario to ensure that it functions as expected for all the configured lead form extensions.
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Thanks for the quick reply! With multiple “Watch Lead Form” you mean like this?

If I set it up like this in I get two error messages.
For Watch Lead Forms: A trigger must be the first module in a scenario.
For Send an Email: [Referenced module ‘Google Ads Lead Forms - Watch Lead Forms’ [1] is not accessible.]

Hi @digitalwings,

Currently, Make doesn’t support multiple triggers that will start a scenario. i.e there can only be one module as a starting module for a scenario, based on which the rest of the scenario is executed.

So, Unfortunately, you cannot have multiple sources for this. I haven’t tried the Google Ads Lead Forms yet, but can you see Lead Form ID is mandatory when setting up the Watch Lead Forms? If not you will have to create separate scenario to handle multiple forms separately.