Multiple Salesforce connections

I manage multiple instances of Salesforce so when I attempt to make a new scenario for a second instance and add a new connection it doesn’t give me the option to pick that instance. Make assumes that all additional connections will be to the same instance. I can’t imagine this is a restriction of a tool like Make. Say it isn’t so or that I missed an option somewhere!

You can add as many Connections as you like - just click the Add button next to the default connection name and create another.

You’ll then be able to select the appropriate connection from the dropdown list for any Salesforce module.

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When I click “Add” it just allows me to edit the name but when you save it the OAuth popup flashes and assumes I want to verify through the SF instance used in my first connection. I need to pick a totally new SF URL for the second connection.

It seems that Salesforce caches the login URL as part of the session ID, which leads to this issue.

I’ve checked with colleagues, and the easiest workaround to create an additional connection on a different URL is as follows …

Launch another browser window in incognito mode (as that loses the session ID), log in to Make and then create the additional Salesforce connection. That connection will then be available for easy selection from the dropdown list in any future modules.

Thank you this resolved my issue!