My scenarios stop because Google needs reauthorization - how to prevent this or get notification

Several times my app has errored and not run because the Scenario failed.

When I investigate, I see that google authorization failed. But I didn’t know authorization was no longer working. Why is the authorization failing?

How can I ensure the scenario doesn’t error out for this reason?

Does this happen all the time, or is it intermittent (works sometimes)?

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It works at random times…and it causes unexpected errors and disruptions :frowning: Or maybe it’s not random, something might be triggering the need for reauthentication, but I don’t know what. I don’t change my authentication, but somewhere it seems like the service needs to be reauthorized.

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Hi, any thoughts on what I can do, this seems to keep happening and I have no insight into why.

If it’s occurring randomly then it’s likely a backend issue causing a timeout, and unlikely to do with connection setup.

For quicker assistance with bugs and technical problems like these, you may want to contact support directly. They respond very quickly and update you frequently on the status of their investigation.

Hope you can share the resolution with us if you manage to solve this problem!

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Thanks, I will I haven’t found them responsive, I have filled out support multiple times and haven’t heard back. and i am a paying customer.

Hi @Satchel,

are you using a private Google Account? Then I think you need to make one little change in the Google Cloud Console

I have a video but it’s in German. You’ll need to move this connection out of “test-status” because in test status Google removes the authentication every week or so:

This has solved it for me and also for some of my clients already :slight_smile:


Aha! Thanks for this…