Need help creating scenario to assign recruiters to leads

My goal here is to create a scenario where I pull new candidates from bullhorn with a specific status, next I pull my recruitment teams emails via google sheet and ID to later use to assign the recruiter to the candidate and update candidate profiles. My issue is that I cannot find a way to round robin assign the recruiters to the candidates, I had one scenario working but it was assigning all recruiters to the list of candidates and adding multiple tasks to each candidate per recruiter. I then want to email the recruiter to inform them on the lead… I achieved this in zapier but there integration with bullhorn is not working anymore. I have tried using math module which couldn’t perform the math I wanted and javascript, which hasn’t worked well for me on this platform. Please help

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If I understand your scenario, you build an array with the ID of the recruitment team, and then you Iterate through each candidate, and you want Candidate 1 assigned to RecA, then Candidate 2 assigned to RecB, … And after you finished the array of recruiter you want to get back to RecA (Candidate 9 to RecA for ex), right?

If that’s the case, you can play with the Modulo function. Let me show you an example

I simulated a list of 3 Recruters

I aggregate them (to simulate more or less what you do).
I get the array or Recruiters I want to round-robin

I create a list of candidates. Again, I try to be as close as your example :slight_smile:

I Iterate through candidates.
Now, I have bundles of candidates and an Array of Recruiters

I created a Variable here, but you could put everything in the target index (see later).
I use modulo the size of the array of recruiters, I had to remove 1 to bundle order position, and add one after calculation, in order to handle the the first bundle.

And now, I can use this index to get the relevant recruiter from his index in the array

Here is the result. You can see that after we have reached the last item of the array, we go back to 1.

Give it a try and let me know.




Thanks for the reply! Here is the current blueprint in case that helps. I have the last two bullhorn modules unlinked for now until I can get the round-robin to work.
assign leads(4).json (57.6 KB) I will give your solution a shot. In many of my flows I will be assigning recruiter to tasks, notes, candidates, and jobs, so I need to get this right :smile: