Need help with a Workflow Calendly - Airtable

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m working on a scenario to receive my calendly meetings in my airtable base

I have several airtable bases (one per project) and several calendly team (one per project as well) (=équipe in french) // one per client

How can I make sure that the meeting for the calendly team A will go in my airtanle A, meeting with calendly team B will go in my airtable B, etc.

→ All the meetings are in the same organization and with the same user (I work on several project at the same time)

Do not hesitate to tell me if its not clear enough :wink:

Thanks lot in advance :pray:

@Julie_De_Waele You should use the router and filters to pass the Calendly events to your respective Airtables based on the Calendly team and the Airtable combination.

Learn here:


Thank you a lot for your help :pray: