New hubspot API call on custom objects

I am trying to make an API call on custom object schemas but seems to be missing the required scopes. The API call is

I received this error.
“[403] This app hasn’t been granted all required scopes to make this call. Read more about required scopes here: Working with OAuth… Error Messages: [One or more of the following scopes are required.{“requiredScopes”:[“”,“”]}].”

Does anyone know how to enable API calls on custom objects?


Seems like Make only utilizes Basic Scope for Hubspot and techicanlly it should have asked to extend permission if any particular API call was returning scope issue.

To resolve the issue(or sort of workaround for your particular case) what you can do is, Go To Hubspot Module in Make, Use Module Get a Custom Object Record, and in connection choose your current connection to HubSpot, It should now prompt you to extend your connection/permission, which once done will allow you to now use the Make an API call for /crm/v3/schemas.

Another option you can do is, while adding a connection instead of the default OAuth flow, you can choose Advanced Settings through which you can define your custom permissions/scope but for this to work you will need hubspot developer account.

Thank you very much, I applied your first proposed solution and it works!