New HubSpot "Get Contact" module not retrieving all properties

Hey Makers,

As per the HubSpot module email that was recently sent, we are in the process of updating all of our modules to the ones that suit the new API.
I have switched the old “get a record” module to the new “get a contact”, however, not all properties are retrieved by it.

Am I using the wrong module?

Hi @Amir_Igra! The new HubSpot APIs require that you include the properties you want returned in the request. There isn’t a way to just pull all the properties like there was previously.

To select properties in the new Make HubSpot CRM module, you need to click to “view advanced settings”, and then check the name of the properties you want returned under the “Output properties” section. Luckily, they included a check box for all properties if you don’t know what you need.


I am well aware of it, the issue is that I actually checked the all properties box and didn’t receive all the properties. Is there any other possible cause, or should I just contact support?


Hi @Amir_Igra

In this case, please contact support with API log.

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Hi @Amir_Igra - it could be possible that the contact you tested with does not have a value for every property. I’ve found that HubSpot will only send the properties that have a known value. Try with a contact who has a known value specifically in the properties you are looking for? Hope that helps!

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