Output from HubSpot `Get a Contact` module is limited

I want to create a Scenario that adds a new row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet when a new Contact is created in HubSpot. I only want several fields from the Contact to be populated in the new row of the spreadsheet, delimited by columns.

I created a Private App in HubSpot and configured everything as instructed, including authorizing Make to have access to all Contact data. The webhook works reliably, and I am also able to retrieve the relevant Contact without issue.


  1. Webhooks (Custom webhook): listens to HubSpot for new Contacts (immediate)
  2. HubSpot CRM (Get a Contact): finds the Contact in HubSpot
  3. Google Sheets (Add a row): Adds a row into a spreadsheet with select fields from the newly created Contact

I am unable to populate the Google Sheet spreadsheet with data from all of the fields I desire from the HubSpot Contact. There are currently 2 things I am having trouble with:

  1. While building out the HubSpot (Get a Contact) module, I am unable to find all of the fields I want to pull into the spreadsheet
  2. While troubleshooting, I noticed that the HubSpot (Get a Contact) module only produces an Output consisting of several fields, which do not include all of the inputs provided during the creation of the Contact in HubSpot

The way I see it, when I fetch the Contact from HubSpot, HubSpot only passes a few fields about the Contact, from which only one or two fields are ones I actually want. Any other fields I try to pass into the spreadsheet (outside of what is in the Output in Step 2) is ignored and left blank in the spreadsheet.

What am I doing wrong, or what can I do to accomplish my objective? Thank you in advance!

Hey @Keymaker,

By default the Get a Contact module only returns a handful of items.

A solution for your problem would be to use the Make an API Call module instead. Here you an address the Contacts endpoint /crm/v3/objects/contacts/{contactID}. Using that, you can add properties to the Query string:

This will then return those properties:

Please note, that if the property is empty, it will not be shown. Hubspot doesn’t return empty ones.


That’s annoying. Okay, I’ll try making an API call instead and will follow-up once I’ve had a chance to implement. Thank you!

It worked, thank you! Any tips for getting an Association from the Contact? For example, the Contact Owner? I’ve tried ‘properties=contact_owner’ but it hasn’t worked for me yet.

Found the solution to how to get the Contact Owner:

  1. Add a query parameter (“properties”:“hubspot_owner_id”) to get the Contact Owner’s object ID (source)
  2. Create a second HubSpot API call to fetch details about the Contact Owner (such as name/email) (endpoint: /crm/v3/owners/{ownerId} (source))

Pull records into the GSheet module with data from both preceding steps.


Heya @Keymaker welcome to the community :wave:

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Thank you very much for circling back and sharing what did the trick for the benefit of the community. This could prove incredibly helpful to many :pray:

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