Not able to find error handling directives in account

Not able to find the Directives in account

I am not able to find the directives option in my account , as shown below
The one shown below is directives which is not showing in my account as shown in the first above picture ! Why is that kindly help ?


Error directives can only be added to an error handler route

1. Right click and select “Add error handler”


2. Error handlers will appear

For more information on error handling, see:


Hello @sanjith_raja :wave:

Thanks a lot for raising this here in the community. :pray:

I just wanted to let you know that we’re actively collecting feedback on our recently launched enhanced app search to improve the user experience and make it as smooth as possible.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Thanks. Yea, this was really confusing. Perhaps removing them from the bottom bar is better in the long run, but yea, trying to discover where they went the last 15 minutes was beginning to steam the kettle, haha.

In any case, the rest of the updates are great.