Not able to use webhook data

Im receiving data from webhook

Trying to use it in next app

But it looks like it doesn’t recognise it.

And get error that the data are not there.

Do I need to process the date from webhook somehow?
Why the app doesn’t recognise that is a phone number?

If you manually run it, you have to add data yourself @Juraj_Marko

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Thank you Bjorn for your time.
The data (phone number) is there
As you can see on First picture Bundle 1 - recepient:+421 …
When I use the phone number in second step (app) i receive error as if the data are not mapped .
In error it is saying that Recipient list cannot be empty.
But I have mapped the Phone - number

@Juraj_Marko you are clickin on “run this module only” which means you are running it manually.
In this case, you have to fill in the phone number yourself inside the field that opens up called “recipient”.
If you want the scenario to use the variable of the one you mapped from the webhook, you have to run the whole scenario and send some data to the webhook.

I think the issue is that “run this module only” works differently in Make than it does in Zapier. In Zapier, the “test” uses data that has flowed to this step from previous. But in make, you have to fill it in. It’s just a difference in workflow.

Thank you very much. You are right. it is working.