Notion Database Watch - grabbing random DB entries

My desire is to have a Make automation trigger each time a NEW entry is added to the designated Notion database.

I’m using the “watch database items > by created time” trigger (see image) - but when I run the automation it’s picking a random entry from the Notion database rather than the new one that is supposed to be the trigger.

It could be that it’s picking up older pages from the database.
Try to right-click on the module in Make > select “Choose where to start” > choose “From now on” (or from a specific date).
Now the module will only pick up newly created entries


@Simo - I tried that and it’s still not working… only now it grabs the SAME random database entry, not the most recent.

I’m also discovering that if I leave this automation ON, it activates on another entry in the database that serves as a trigger, every 15 minutes. This can’t be right!

@Simo - I’m still trying to figure out this issue. I have set the “choose where to start” to be “since” yesterday’s date 1/14/2024 and it is still grabbing older database entries, not the most recent one that was added since that date (a test one I entered).

Could you try to increase the “limit” parameter to 100, right-click on the module, and then “Run this module only”? This may exhaust all the past entries in the “pipeline” of the trigger