Notion <-> Github Integration is causing an Error when I sync a Notion Database


I’m trying to make an easy pipedrive / notion connection where when a deal gets created in pipedrive it creates an object in my Notion database. Everything seems easy to set up except that the Notion database I use has a field that is automated by a Github integration in Notion. It then throws me an error in Make on when I try to map the fields. I can’t find any related post or help on that topic - so any tip is greatly appreciated !

Screenshot of the NotionDatabase:

Screenshot of my Make error:

Thank you so much for your help

I remember experiencing this situation some months ago. At the time, I asked on the Notion developers Slack workspace. The final answer to this is that Github sync properties (as well as other sync properties in Notion databases) currently can’t be modified via the API. Indeed, these property types are not mentioned in the Notion API documentation.

I am open to being wrong if someone has used them programmatically instead, but that’s as far as I know regarding this from personal experience.


Thank you for your reply, I hope the situation has evolved since - if anyone has any tips, greatly appreciated !