Online safe for pay slips

Hello everyone,
My question concerns the needs of a client in France for whom I have developed a payslip creation system.
In France, payslips must be sent to the employee via secure online access, approved by the Ministry of Labour (why: because payslips must be accessible for life).
Do you know of such an aggregated service in France, connected to Make, to which I could send PDFs (created by Documint)?
Thanks in advance,
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Hi Erwan :wave:
I see Docuware is on this list : Comment sécuriser le stockage de vos documents grâce au coffre-fort numérique ? -

So, maybe Docuware? :slightly_smiling_face:

However, it does seem tricky to create a payslip from 0 / a document generator, rather than using an HR tool to generate the payslip, such as Payfit ( or Silae (Présentation et principes généraux - API REST), doesn’t it?

We’re talking about a highly sensitive document containing personal data.

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Hello Guillaume,
Thank you very much for your reply.
In fact, the case in question cannot be resolved by the French payroll organisations because it involves payslips for foreign residents in EU countries who are French nationals. So the payslips are not French, they are country-specific, but they have to be filed in digital safes in France.
On the subject of confidentiality, we’re right in line with the need for operators, including Make, Airtable and Documint, to declare RGPD compliance for this project!
Docuware should be able to do the job and I’m going to look into it, thank you very much for this solution.
Have a great day!