Overwriting Issue Due to Multiple Operations

Hello everyone, I have a scenario configured where the trigger is a WooCommerce order, then I search with its SKU for an associated tag in my spreadsheet, and then with this tag, I update the contact in Sendinblue. The problem I have is that if a person purchases more than 2 products (line items), I have to use an iterator to verify which products they are, and independently search for an associated tag in a spreadsheet (with their SKU). After searching for the tag in the spreadsheet, two operations are performed (for the 2 products), and then the first operation updates the attribute and then the second operation OVERWRITES the first one, causing the loss of the tag from the first operation. Is there any way to do this? Or is there an alternative to get the tags of the purchased products, without the need to use the iterator and that doesn’t generate 4 operations, I’m not sure if it’s feasible in my case. In the case of the image, the person bought 4 products, so 4 operations were performed and the attribute would be updated 4 times, leaving only the one from operation 4.

Hi @nicocastro,

You will need to use Array Aggregrator after the GSheet module to prevent this, since there can be multiple items that is iterated, it will cause all the subsequent modules to be triggered twice.

There are multiple types of aggregator, that is used to gather values from such modules, like text aggregator, numeric aggregator, so depending on your use case you can utilize them.