Parsing dates from Google Sheets to Airtable

I’m having a lot of issues with consistencies, importing data from Google Sheets into Airtable. I am using a Google Sheet > Search Rows module, and have been experimenting with the various ‘Advanced Settings > Value Render’ and ‘Date and time render’ option.

In Google Sheets, I am using the Ireland locale, and the date is shown/formatted in DD/MM/YYYY

From my experimentation

  • Date and time render: Serial Number vs Formatted String does not seem to be doing anything
  • Value Render: This matters. ‘Unformatted’ sends back 44053 for 10/08/2023, which is in 1900 Date format. Formatted sends “10/08/2023”, but seems pretty brittle.

For some strange reason, in Airtable this 10/08/2023 was being understood as 08/10/2023 when I pass it straight through. Airtable format is European. If i use parseDate() and formatDate() to output it in YYYY-MM-DD for Airtable from Make, this works fine - but seems overly complicated and brittle.

Is there any way to easily parse the 1900 date system, e.g 44053 into its actual date in Make? This seems to be much more exact.

Any advice on date parsing in general would be appreciated

From my personal experience, I would suggest using in the Airtable this date format: MM-DD-YYYY.
Make is not able to work with the 1900 date system. I would suggest using the ISO 8601 format in Make.