Pass an Array from smartsuite to the stripe body field

I have a smartsuite app where when a condition is met (new client is ready) smartsuite automation triggers an emailhook. This starts an automation in make that looks up that value in smartsuite and gathers two look up fields that have stripe ID’s (stripe client ID and stripe product/price ID). Then it passes the info to a stripe API webhook where it should start a subscription for the client with the correct products.

this is the body field for stripe

customer={{3.client_stripe_ID}}&items[0][price]={{3.Stripe Sub ID}}

I run into a problem when the client has two items they are subscribing to. Make pulls that information in with an array and passes the wrong type of data in as the {{3.Stripe Sub ID}}

This is the stripe log
Request POST body
“items”: {
“0”: {
“price”: “prod_xxxxxxxxx, prod_xxxxxxxxxx”
“customer”: “cus_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Here is the error log

resource_missing - items[0][price]
No such price: ‘prod_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, prod_xxxxxxxxxx’

How do I get make to pass this information through so stripe understands it? I checked the product ID and they match what is in stripe so I am sure this is some kind of formatting or array issue that I don’t understand.

thank you!

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Hi Keith and welcome to the Make Community!

Are you able to include screenshots and some examples of how the data is coming from SmartSuite and how it needs to be sent to Stripe?

When you say Stripe API webhook, are you using a Stripe module or HTTP module?