Stripe, Jotform | how do i find out the product id

Hey guys,
I have 6 products on the website (Stripe Checkout). Some of which have the same prices. Only 1 product can be purchased at a time. I would like to send my customers an email with the Jotform link.

I would like to

  • the customer ID
  • the productID
    to Jotform. So that Jotform can prepare the form for the customer. All 6 products need a slightly different approach and different questions in the one form.

I have already found out how to pre-fill the fields. With very simple URL parameters.

I also know how to send emails with Make.

But how to find out the purchased product via make, that’s what I’m stuck on.


You will find this in stripe.

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Yes, see here.

But I don’t see this code in Make. When I make a testpayment via Stripe.


I have to email the customer the link to the Jotform form, which must be adapted according to the product purchased. Which field represents the product ID, in Make? I see no matches there

Many thanks

Hmmm…I’m not able to find it right now…but why don’t you create a parameter in stripe as metadata? That one is easily retrievable from watch events.

Also, if this is not helpful, there is a discord stripe channel where you get live support.

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