PayPal Variables Not Available in Next Module

I’m trying to send PayPal subscription payment info to a Google Spreadsheet. When the PayPal Webhook module receives the data, it includes “product_name: Premium Trade Ideas”. However, in the Google Spreadsheet module, “product_name” is not a variable I can call. Any idea why or how to fix this?

This issue is the product name is the only way I can categorize my purchases to trigger different events.


I have run into similar issues lately. I recommend contacting Make support.

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Could you please share a screenshot of output bundle?


Here is the PayPal output bundle. Note it has product_name: Premium Trading Trial. This is the variable that isn’t listed in the second image - the list of callable variables for Google Sheets.

Hover your mouse over that missing variable of output bundle to get its internal name. Then copy the already assigned variable to a text pad and replace its name with the former name. You can paste it back and see it working.

That worked, thank you! I was trying to figure out how to get the syntax right but didn’t think of that simple solution. Awesome.

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Check out Jouher_Automator’s suggestion. It worked for my scenario. PayPal Variables Not Available in Next Module - #5 by Jouher_Automator