Pipefy webhooks not working

It seems like since the outage of the 13th of July, Pipefys triggered workflows are not working anymore… mostly on the Watch action (watch new card, watch card moved)

Do you have the same issue ?
I’d like to restore the pending job queues but it stills throwing errors :cry:

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Same here… All my scenarios stopped :smiling_face_with_tear:

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here exactly the same thing happened.

Hello @here and welcome to the community to the new joiners :wave:

As mentioned in :arrow_right: this topic, this was a known issue on our end. The fixes have now been deployed so all should be functioning normally again. Feel free to test this out and let us know if everything’s up and running.

On behalf of the Make team, I would like to say that we’re truly sorry for the trouble this has caused. Thank you very much for your understanding and for your patience :pray: