Post stories on WordPress

I am not able to post stories via WordPress module.


I want to upload the given mp.4/ image/or any http file as my web stories on WordPress. I have also installed stories plugin for WordPress on my site. But scenario is giving error . Is there a solution to this ?

Sample file/ mp4 –

I want to take files from excel sheet and upload it on WordPress


If someone can help it will be very helpful. I have also tries to use HTTP get/ download a file module, but it is not working.

Hi @Shashwat_Chopra

This looks like a classic plugin clash or modsecurity issue - essentially, there are a bunch of configuration issues that can cause your WordPress site to interfere with the functioning of the REST API.

Try each of the following in turn:

  • Disable all other plugins (in your case, except for the Stories plugin) and then try re-enabling them one-by-one. Security-related plugins are a common problem
  • Check your URL rewriting rules
  • Check your modsecurity rules

You’ll find posts and response on each of these in the Community archives.

Do let us know if this helps!