Problem with custom fields on Facebook Lead Ads


I can’t received data fields with connector Leads Ads Facebook.
On my facebook ads forms we can see 4 fields.

Can you help me?

Thank you very much


I assume you’re trying to get leads from all your forms in one scenario and want it to work dynamically, that’s a great way of having one scenario for all your Facebook Lead Ads forms instead of creating multiple scenarios, one for each of your forms.

However, when you follow this approach, you might land in this situation where the data fields might not appear, in that case, the best way to handle this is using the Get Lead Details module of Facebook Lead Ads after the New Leads module. This module will make sure to get you all the data fields that a specific form will have.

You can set-up the scenario like this:

If you get stuck with anything, I’d suggest checking out the documentation here.

I hope this is helpful.