Problems when filtering data by due date


I’m trying to set up an integration that lists pending client invoices from Qonto on a daily basis, filters them by whether the due date is today, and if so, sends an email.

I tried setting that up and even though the first run of the module displays values with a due date, the filter run results say that the field is empty.


Does anyone know why this is?

Hi @Claudia,

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The {{now}} variable gives the exact current date, as such:
Scherm­afbeelding 2024-05-30 om 12.19.41

It is impossible that the due date of an invoice is the same as this date. Try to format the current day as such:

{{formatDate(now; “YYYY-MM-DD”)}}

And you might want to format the due date from Qonto as such too:

{{formatDate({{1.due_date; “YYYY-MM-DD”)}}

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What you’re doing is comparing the dates down to the exact second.

You’ll need to convert both into the same date format first (discarding/excluding hour/minutes/seconds), by using the format date function,

or compare to a date range (start of day to end of day), in seconds.

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