How to get all Invoices that have been created yesterday

I want to get all the Invoices from a software that have been createt yesterday.
I tried the {addDays(now ; -1) function, but i never get any results. I can sort by “like”, “equal”, or any other filter and never get an output.
Searching for an ID of an Invoice returns the one I’m looking for, so i guess it should work.

I’m just starting out with automation and couldn’t find what i was looking for on

Screenshot shows the Date I’m trying to filter by called “Is Valid from”:

That doesn’t look like a Make date-format.

Therefore you’ll need to use parseDate function first.

See the Tokens you can use to parse a date variable.


Hi and thanks for helping out

So i need to parse “2.April 2024” to “02.04.2024” to make it work?
Or can i tell Make to read the first date as if it where the second one?

I struggle with what i need to convert it which way, as I do not have a date to work with before I get the Data.

I guess this would not be the correct way to tackle my problem? :

Or is my approach completely wrong and i need to first get the information of how my software is handling dates via a token of some sort to then parse this information?

(Sorry if my wording isn’t super clear. Not a native speaker and just started working with APIs this year)