QBO - Can I add an estimate number?

I’m trying to see if when a new estimate is created in QBO that I can use Make to add the “Estimate no.” automatically, sequentially. I keep running into varying snags. I’m looking for input, please.

Screenshot 2023-02-02 105141

Yes you can. You could store a number to start from in the datastore ina column.
Then use the search or get datastore record which will output the current number
Then sum(currentnumber, 1) then update datastore with the new number.
Then create the estimate with updated number.

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Is there a module for Estimates in the Make app for QBO? Updating or Creating Estimates?

If not I bet this can be done with the Make API Call but you’ll need to read the QBO API docs on the exact call and payload. Let me know if you need help with that, learning how to Make API Calls is a good skill to know when using Make.

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