💜 Random Act of Kindness Day

Hey Makers :wave:

:clinking_glasses: Today we’re celebrating the Random Acts of Kindness Day.

There is no community without kindness.

That’s why I wanted to quickly jump in and extend my warmest thanks to all of you wonderful folks who make this community the supportive, helpful place it is.

Thanks to everyone who’s decided to bring even the tiniest piece of knowledge into the community.

You’re the ultimate stars and we’re lucky to have you :purple_heart:

My special thanks, of course, go to namely to

@alex.newpath @Bjorn.drivn @Wemakefuture @JugaadiTech @Callinetic @IainM @loic.wiseflow @manish_mandot @Richard_Johannes @Francisco_Fontes @ecomsilio

You all rock and I’m your biggest fan :star: