Reauthorize google connection through make

Hello, Is it possible to make a scenario to authorize google connection automatically, for example, every day?


Generally no… but can you give us some more details on what you are trying to achieve, or why you would want to do this. and maybe we can suggest some alternatives.

This might also be helpful to you.

Sorry for the delay,

My problem is that using personal google account all my scenarios (for example, download pdf from Gmail) are disconnected a few days after I reauthorize the account. I would like get rid of the reauthorization…


I’m curious

Cause I don’t have this issue, I’m connected to some 2 dozen google accounts both business, and personal, and very rarely if ever have to re-authorize, and when I do reauthorize it’s usually because of some compliance thing, and not related to google.

If you were to use a 2ndary google account on a test run does it do the same thing?

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Good point. I’m going to try using another google account :wink:

Thank you

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