Reel instagram to : FB pages, linkedin, X, tiktok

Hello, everybody,

I’m here so sorry because I’m a newbie!

I post only reel on my IG. I want to auto repost on my Facebook Page, linkedin, X(twitter) and tiktok.

Somebody can tell me where can I download it or buy it? thank you

Hey @tom75000
I can help you here to maybe work out the flow

here is how your flow might look

first you will use Instagram’s watch media module
then you setup a router next

Screenshot 2024-01-28 215032

between the Instagram and router
add this filter which will make sure that the flow only continues when the media is REEL

Screenshot 2024-01-28 214726

Use Facebook Pages’s upload a video module

Screenshot 2024-01-28 214756

Use Linkedin’s Create a user video post module

Screenshot 2024-01-28 214814

For Twitter Use Create a tweet module
And turn on advance options to see the media adding capabilities

Screenshot 2024-01-28 214854

Unfortunately Tiktok does not have a posting module so you have to make an API call

Screenshot 2024-01-28 214912

you will have to read the docs for that
In my country due to ban we cannot access the website here - Content Posting API | TikTok for Developers.


Thank you, that don’t work I have a problem with the arguments of filename for IG, Facebook, Twitter.

I can oya for the creation t of this scenario

there is the way. Important, don’t forget to upload a media for twitter!

And about the filet it’s IMAGE, VIDEO or CAROUSEL_ALBUM


Wow, you’ve managed to set up a fairly complex scenario – that looks fantastic!

Thanks for coming back and sharing your final solution with the community!