Removing 2 Step Verification via Google Admin API Call


So I’m trying to set up a step wherein I use a Google Admin Workspace module to make an arbritary API call. Specifically I’m interested in removing/turning off a user’s 2 step verification as part of an off-boarding process. Unfortunately I’m running into a “[403] Request had insufficient authentication scopes.” error.

For my authentication: This is using custom Google user credentials (client ID/secret) with a created project on Google Cloud. The Oauth consent screen is setup and myself (a super admin within Google Workspace) is added as a test user to use it. The Admin SDK API is enabled and I have enabled two scopes:

For the API Call: I’m trying to use the twoStepVerification.turnOff function as explained here:
My current setup looks like the below on Make:

Of course, the “10. Created” value will be the user’s email address.

I have tried reauthorising the credentials in and I have also tried turning on “domain wide delegation” for the oauth credentials but this didn’t make a difference.


For future reference if anyone has trouble with this, the fix was two things:

1st was manually including the scope:
in advanced settings when setting up the Connection:

The next step was setting the body of the API call. In the documentation it calls for an empty body, but you do have to add an open and close curly brackets for this:


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