Authentication Scopes inside Google Workspace API


I want to make a Custom API Call inside the Google Admin Workspace.
More specifically I want to create a Group inside the Google Admin Workspace, in order to declare Authorization Scopes for that Group and the Users. I am using the Endpoints described here: .
You can see my request in the screenshot:

If i try to run this module i get the following Error: “403: Missing Authentication Scope”.

As some part of the authentication is done by make and some steps must be done by us in our Google Workspace Account. I wanted to ask what steps specifically we have to take in Order to authenticate an Account to access our Admin Workspace. We tried just reauthorizing via the Make UI, it told us :" Account ist not authorized, please reauthorize" and we did, but it didn’t help. Which leads me to believe that we have to do some settings in our Google Workspace Account, but i am confused which settings we have to modify. If someone can give me some clarity here, i would greatly appreciate.



Hi @jan_schaefer ,

Could you add the extended version of the error message (maybe the lacking scope is displayed)?
There is a tutorial here, could you check that you have well defined your scopes?




Hi Phillippe,

thanks for your quick reply. As you can see here, the error message doesn’t give any concrete information:

I didn’t setup the connection myself, but I am sure they followed the steps mentioned in this guide (I am an external service provider, for people utilizing make, thus I don’t have always direct acess to all accounts). As I also showed them this guide and this guide doesn’t derive from the typical O - auth process used in make.
My guess right now is that some settings inside the google workspace admin console itself have to be set, thus it might not be a make related question directly, but more towards tools used by make. I really cant find the right support pages, showing which settings have to be done for an account to have API Acess. If anyone has any tips for the right Support Pages please let me know.

Best Regards,