Retrieving the public URL of an object in Google Cloud Storage

Hi Community,

I am using Make to upload multiple attachments from an Airtable field to Google Cloud Storage. I would like to then put back into Airtable the “Public URL” of the object that is in Google Cloud Storage so that when I click on it, the image then opens in the browser and I can view the Image or video.

I am encountering this issue:
The “Public URL” does not appear in the output bundle when the “Google Cloud - upload an object” is used. Only “Self Link” and “Media Link”. I can download the image with media link, but I cannot view it in the browser.

Does anybody know how I can access the “Public URL” from within

Thanks for your help,

This is the output bundle from the Google Cloud Upload an object:

        "kind": "storage#object",
        "id": "johnsmith_fra/MrCool1.PNG/1707940389075689",
        "selfLink": "",
        "mediaLink": "",
        "name": "MrCool1.PNG",
        "bucket": "johnsmith_fra",
        "generation": "1707940389075689",
        "metageneration": "1",
        "contentType": "image/png",
        "storageClass": "STANDARD",
        "size": "106373",
        "md5Hash": "dLMQtXTj04q93sNdYUZsIA==",
        "crc32c": "Loqugg==",
        "etag": "COn1wOHNq4QDEAE=",
        "timeCreated": "2024-02-14T19:53:09.146Z",
        "updated": "2024-02-14T19:53:09.146Z",
        "timeStorageClassUpdated": "2024-02-14T19:53:09.146Z"