Returning as a webhook response the amount of records updated

Hi. I have a scenario, which is triggered by a webhook, checks for records matching certain criterias in Airtable, and updates them. This is done for around 15 different tables, and it could be possible that in total some 500 - 1000 rows are updated. I would like to return this count.

Is there any simple way to do this? My first thought would be an increment trigger after each Update Record. However, adding an extra operation, per row, just to get this status count seems like an overkill. I’m assuming Increment Trigger and Set Variable all count towards operation counts, right?

Hello @karlcassar,

After the module that performs all the updates, if it responds with a bundle for each update, maybe you could add an Array Aggregator then use the total number of elements contained within that array as the number of items updated.


Hey @karlcassar,

great solution by @Donald_Mitchell !

Alternatively, you could create a variable for each table “rows_updated_table_X” set the value for each table and as the last part of your scenario you do “Get Multiple Variables” and sum up all of those :slight_smile:


This solution could possibly do the trick, altough I’d prefer if I could store them all in one variable. Is there any way how to ‘append’ to the same variable? I need it for two cases. The setVariable does not give you access to getVariable. Having to do a getVariable and setVariable each time seens like an overkill.

One to do kind of: totalUpdates = totalUpdates + totalInThisBatch

Also, I would like to keep a log of the output, so when it finished, each module would output in a log, something like

log = log + “Module X - Total Updates: {{totalUpdates}}\r\n”;

Is something like this possible?