Round robin with threshold

Question-how would you set up a scenario based on this use case?

Leads are automatically assigned in via Zapier to a sales person based on lead source. For example:

Leads from Facebook - Sales Person A
Leads from Website - Sales Person B
Leads from LinkedIn - Sales Person C

However when sales person A gets assigned to more than 10 leads per day, they want to reallocate the leads (in excess of 10) to other sales persons on a round robin fashion. They want to put a threshold of 10 leads per person and per day. Is this possible in Integromat/Make?

Any ideas? Love to hear your suggestions :blush::white_heart:

  1. Create Datastore (or any other DB / table tool - sheets airtable MySQL)
  2. Add Salespeople to it
  3. Create a column “count”
  4. Build a scenario that counts plus 1 at the end of the assignment.
  5. Second scenario that runs every 24h removing the counts from sales people
  6. When hitting with a filter in the column count > 10 go into a router with rollback function to randomly select a sales person (use random No.)
  7. Assign deal, add counter to the other sales person.




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