Round Robin for Pipedrive Users

Hi Make Experts,

Has anyone here built a Round Robin Scenario for Pipedrive? If you have could you please help me.
I have contacted make support but they have their limitation as well. They directed me to there. At the very moment I am trying to work with this template as well as the 'Increment Video in Youtube.

Yet no luck…

Would appreciate the help and thank you in advance.

Hi @Roshan95,

We would need more specifics to be able to help you:

  • what is the exact use case? Assign a new lead to a sales rep with a round-robin pattern?
  • what have you built so far?
  • where did you get stuck?

Hi @loic.wiseflow ,

Thank you for your reply and sure I can give out more details.

The exact use case is when a organization activity type ‘Business Conversation’ is 3 months ago it assign a new organization owner (sales rep) with a round-robin pattern.

I haven’t be able to build anything as its a dead end for me not enough knowledge and experience.

So I guess I am stuck from scratch?

Thank You

Hi @Roshan95,

I don’t think anyone here will build it for you from scratch, however you have a few options:

1. You want to learn how to use Make

In that case you should break your problem down into smaller problems. For example, the starting point is the trigger. How do you trigger this workflow?

You can start with a Pipedrive search module and search for activities that were created exactly 90 days ago and run it once a day. Once you figure this part out then you move to the next problem: how do I know which sales reps are available for this type of activity? Do I query Pipedrive users? Some other database? …

2. You need this done asap

In this case, you are better off hiring an expert to build this for you. You have plenty of experts here that could it for you.

3. You need this asap but you also want to learn

Get an expert to build this with you. So you can learn with a pro and get this automation built.
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Hi @loic.wiseflow

Thank you for reply, no I don’t want anyone to build it for me, If people has built it I just wanted some direction. I will make a scenario once the website is up and then once I get some errors I will come down here for some help.

Thank you.