RSS Feed to Google Sheet Row How

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Can anyone suggest the best way to take an RSS Feed and feed this into Google Sheets - add a row

As the RSS Feed has multiple items it needs some sort of aggregator or iterator i think - but I cannot get this working as not sure which one to use?

Its actually an inoreader feed but gave up on that and just created an RSS Feed

See screenshot


If the RSS is giving output in Array format, then you will have to use the Iterator module to segregate all the outputs and process them one by one to a new row in Google Sheets.

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Hi @Semuify

Generally, each bundle in the RSS feed refers to each feed. Hence, please let me know the reason behind the array aggregator module.

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mohamed Jahar
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Hi. I was trying to send each RSS feed item to its own dedicated row in G sheets but think I gave up…support is very slow…is this the same for pro plans?

@Semuify You can use the Google Sheet bulk API to send all data from an array instantly:



Thanks. This is what I am trying to do. It’s part 1 of a scenario.

I have an RSS Feed that is updated daily…in the feed are items e.g. title, text, image

The RSS Feed has multiple rows

I want to work on items in the RSS Feed in either g sheets or airtable

  1. RSS FEED…watch this for updates (not sure best way to do this? Does it need a webhook?)

  2. Create a new record in gsheets and airtable every time RSS feed is updated…again not sure on best approach? Watch record? Create records?

I kind of know what to do with the data once it’s in airtable. Just struggling with how to get it from an RSS feed into airtable.

Edit - I want to create or update a record in airtable when a new article is published to an Inoreader feed

Thanks in advance