Run scenario on start or finish of google calendar event

I would like to run a scenario when a google calendar event starts. I see two options here:

  1. Detect new calendar events that match a certain filter, then copy the date/time from the calendar event to the schedule for the scenario. I have tried this but I cannot find a way of modifying the scenario properly. I can use “Make/Get scenario” and “Make/Update scenario”, but I cant work out how to transpose the JSON structure and I cant find any documentation here. Moreover, I think it would break if I created more than one calendar event, and it would need to run on a polling schedule which is inefficient

  2. Create a webhook trigger on the Google calendar so it sends a start notification to run the scenario. I looked at the Google documentation for this and I cannot make sense of it. This would be the best solution I think.

Has anyone had experience of this before?

The Google calendar has an API-based scheduled trigger; hence you can only schedule the scenario to at a predefined interval.

I didn’t get your question about the JSON structure because by default the module output will be parsed properly. So please share a few screenshots to explain the exact issue you are facing.

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