Save operations if you can use Apps Script... Also it can be done by Add Row module of Google sheet

In Make to add sharable links from folder in google drive and other data to google sheet (or Microsoft excel)
Use this script.

function getTheFiles () {

var dApp = DriveApp;

var folderIter = dApp.getFoldersByName(“FOLDER-NAME”);

var folder =;

var filesIter = folder.getFiles();

var Sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName(“SELECT-SHEET”);

var i=2;


var file =;

var filename = file.getName();

var fileUrl = file.getDownloadUrl();








Replace FOLDER-NAME and SELECT-SHEET as your need respectively with your folder and sheet name. Set Varible i= row number, from where you want to add data to rows and selected columns.

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