Scenario not visible anymore

Hi all, i work first time with coming from Zapier and i´m already a fan. Sorry if i found the wrong category. I also created a support ticket but i guess as i´m on a free plan this will not work.

We created a BVA calculator on our webflow site and created a full process on

I added today two more integrations and now i have the problem i cannot access the scenario anymore.

See Screenshot.

Any ideas ?

Thx for your help


That seems weird, Can you try opening Make in different browser or in incognito mode and see if that renders?

Agreed. Tried different browsers, incognito and mobile with same effect

Hello there @xtype_Marketing welcome to the community :blob_wave:

Also, thanks a lot for bringing your question here.

This is strange indeed :thinking:

If you’ve already tried different browsers, incognito mode, and clearing cookies and cache without success, it’s possible that the issue might be related to one of the following:

  1. It might sound a bit quirky, but it’s worth mentioning in case your scenario originally contained numerous modules that occupied a significant amount of space on your scenario canvas. If you then removed a part of your execution flow, the remaining modules might have ended up quite far from the canvas center. Consequently, when you open the editor, you might not see them immediately, but after moving the canvas around, you could potentially locate them.

  2. Another thing that comes to mind is that you accidentally deleted some modules and saved your scenario afterward. If this happened, don’t worry. You can restore your original scenario thanks to the ‘Previous Versions’ feature.

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Hi Michaela,

Thanks for getting back to me. I was able to restore it to a working state.

But I would like to answer to help others potentially:

  1. The whole workflow was in one space. Nothing to move around anymore.
  2. Nothing was deleted. All the connections are still existing.

The whole situation came up when I was adding Hubspot to create an engagement and it was not successful running because of a wrong parameter. So, I wanted to change the parameter, but the scenario workflow was not loading anymore. Nothing deleted, nothing changed. Just a not successful run.

As stated, it’s very strange, but I figured out tonight there is a previous version in the working state.

Thank you again



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