Scenario Output

Hi there,
I’m looking for a solution regarding Scenario Output.

We get leads from different sources, using different values.
So I’ve built the following Architecture:
There’s a Scenario for every Lead Source
And then there’s a Main Scenario that handles a new Lead Creation (Pipedrive, Airtable, etc…)
For the main Scenario I’m using the new “Scenario Inputs” Feature.

Now I have 2 specific Lead sources in which I need an output from the Main Scenario (Specifically the Airtable ID)

I was previously using Webhook so for that I have a “Webhook Output”.

My question is how can I Output a json / different variables from a Scenario, using “Run a Scenario” Make module?

Hope my situation is clear,
Thanks a lot for your help,

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Hi @Level_App,

I am not sure that the Run a Module/Execute a Module can get anything back on return except for the execution_id and status. I might be wrong on this but someone else in the community might have better insight on this.

I was going to say to use Webhooks but you have already done that. Is it possible to trigger another scenario from the main scenario through a webhook that you can use to pass Airtable ID?

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I am also interested to find out if there is a solution for this
Creating some scenarios that could be used as functions-scenarios, i.e. to be called with parameters delivered via the scenario input configuration AND to have a way to return results back to the scenario which is calling the function-scenario.

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Hello there @Calin_maket :wave: Just stepping in to share a friendly piece of advice.

In the community, it’s generally more effective to start a fresh topic for each new question rather than commenting on older threads. When you initiate a new conversation, you’re more likely to catch the community’s attention and receive the help you need.

I totally understand that you’re joining this discussion because you want to address specific points in this particular topic. No worries! You can always pose your questions in a new topic you create and then link to the other conversations you’re referring to.

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I’m new to Make but have immediately stumbled on this limitation. How can we create re-usable scenarios if they don’t produce any output? :face_with_head_bandage:

I think, what we are trying to achieve here is the perfect use case for “custom functions”, but they are only available in enterprise plans.