Scheduled sending of an email after execution of an automation 14 days later


currently there is the following automation:
Trigger webhook from perspective funnels → Create new customer in perspective → Create new deal in perspective → Send email to customer → Send email to me.

I would like to add that 14 days after execution of the automation another email is sent to the customer, but just can’t find the right solution.

I read in a topic something about the provider cronhooks, but unfortunately did not understand anything.
Then I thought I could try it with zapier, unfortunately webhooks seem to be a premium feature there, which is much too expensive for me.

Is there another, simple way to send the customer 14 days later automatically a mail?

Many greetings & thanks for your help

Hey @Andreas_Kolbl, welcome to the Community!

(You’ve listed pipedrive as a Tag on the post, but you’ve written “perspective” in your message - I’m assuming you meant Pipedrive, but the answer will be the same anyhow!)

One way to approach this is to store the date on which you want to send the followup email in a Make Datastore, along with the email address of the customer.

You’d then schedule another scenario to run once per day, extracting records from the Datastore of all emails that are due to be sent that day. It would send them, and if sent successfully it would delete the record from the data store. If it failed to send (because of a connection error with the email service) then you’d change the sending date on the record to the next day.