Scheduling is skipping scheduled executions

Hi all

I’ve setup 2 scenarios and both execute at 15 minute intervals, that run on weekdays. They appear to execute well for periods and then they don’t for a period.
The scenarios are setup to start at 7am and finish at 6pm, with a 1 minute stagger between then.
(screenshots attached)

Is there any other setting that could be preventing the scenarios from executing in specific time slots?
Is there anything else I could have not setup correctly that could be causing this? NOTE: I have setup the start and end times with AM & PM, but when I open the schedule after saving and closing, it displays as in the screenshots.

I hope there is a simple explanation.
Thanks in advance.



If I’m understanding you correctly, you are having issues with the scenario not being triggered exactly on the minute at XX:00 am/pm. Is this right?

This has to do with “Priority scenario execution”, as indicated on the Pricing page.


Sometimes there is high usage volume by all users on the Make platform, so your scenarios will be executed according to the priority of your plan. Higher-priority scenario execution eliminates “queuing time” as much as possible, which is why your scenario might be pushed back seconds or even minutes behind other higher priority organisations.

Therefore, your scenario schedule’s “time slots” are NOT guaranteed to run exactly as scheduled.

To solve this issue, simply upgrade to a higher paid subscription tier.

For more information, see


Hi Samliew

I think you have misunderstood, so let me clarify.

I don’t mind if the scenario is not triggered on the exact time set. Minute delays are fine.
The issue I am having is that the scenario isn’t executing for hours during the time that it should. You will see Scenario1 executes at 10:23 and then only at 11:38 (a hour and 15min gap). Then the next gap is between 11:53 am and 2:38 pm (a 2 hour and 45min gap). This happens almost every day.

If my scenarios were falling down the queue due to prioritization, I would expect multiple executions when the queue becomes empty, but the log doesn’t agree with this.
It thus appears that the servers are just ignoring my scenarios, rather than poping them off the stack as prioritization suggests.

So unless I have set something incorrectly, it seems that there is a bug in the server’s queue handling.

Looking at the scenarios settings, is there something I should be setting differently?


In that case looks like it’s really a bug, which cannot be resolved by changing any settings.

For quicker assistance with bugs and technical problems, you may want to contact support directly. They respond very quickly and update you frequently on the status of their investigation.

Hope you can share the resolution with us if you manage to solve this problem!

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Thank you samliew

I have logged ticket (#685285 ) and will see what they come back with.

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I received a reply from Make Customer Care.

In a Scenario’s History page, at the top right, there is a “Hide checked runs” button. This function is enabled by default when you view a Scenario’s page (which is what I did).

Disabling this showed all the scenarios had executed as expected by the scheduler.

Attached are the screenshots that show the difference.


Helllo @Ruan_de_Hart welcome to the community :wave:

I just want to quickly step in to say thank you for remembering to share what you learned from the support team with all of us. This can prove super helpful to many folks who are looking for similar info in the future. :pray: