Send a graphql request

I want to send a graphql request to a third part application. (
I’m trying with the http module with the following settings:

I’m getting an error: {“errors”:[{“message”:“POST body sent invalid JSON.”}]}

I am not sure which action I should chose. (Make a request, Make a Basic Auth request, …)
I tested a bunch of settings with the headers and query strings but I never worked.

The authentification seems to be working. (I removed the Authorization key in the image)

Hey @Theliadir

Yeah the fact that it’s a GraphQL QUERY makes it a bit confusing, but POST requests should use the Body, not the Query String. In 99.99% of the cases: POST, PUT, PATCH all use Body while GET and DELETE will use Query String.

Besides that, the majority of our modules expects JSON. You can use the GraphQL content-type instead or you can use good old JSON as body but then you must first convert your GraphQL query to JSON with something like this: GraphQL to JSON Body Converter.

Here’s how to use the GraphQL content-type in the Make HTTP module:

That should get things working!

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Hi @Bruno_T
Thank you for your reply.
In the end I got it working with the GET Method.