Send an email with dynamic content (asana) starting with an asana trigger

I want to make a scenario where make sends a gmail email with dynamic content (coming from asana) when a task in asana (trigger) is updated.

I tried to use a Webhook but it doesn’t resolve with the “changed” option and I can’t get dynamic content either, I use filters but they don’t work, they send a lot of emails.

Another thing I tried is to see all the asana tasks but send emails from time to time so it doesn’t work, I also tried filters but nothing. Lastly I tried the option to update a task and this only updates the task in asana and is not a trigger.

What I really want to know is if what I mentioned at the beginning can be done either with Webhooks or with filters because I haven’t been able to do it, I don’t know if it’s wrong, someone else has done it or it just can’t be done. Thank you in advance for your help.

PS: I speak Spanish if there is someone here who speaks Spanish better (use a translator)

Hi Javier,

I don’t know if you have found a solution yet. I solved this by using the trigger 'watch new tasks´and then use the trigger moved to section. When Make sees a new task in that specific section, it sends out an email.

However, what I am running into as a problem, is that Make only sees a new task just one time. So if I move the task out of the section and then again, I want Make to send again an email, but that doesn’t work. Anyone has a solution for this? Thx!

To give a practical example of how I want to use Make in this case:

There’s a customer list in Asana - when I change the task to the section ‘follow-up’ I want to send an email. Customer responds and all is fine, I move the task to the section ‘Ongoing’. However, it might be that I need to do a new follow-up a bit later, so I change the task back to the section ‘Follow-up’ and Make needs to send a new mail again.

Hi Javier, I found a solution for my specific case. I use a combination of Asana rules (business subscription) and Make. If I change a task to a section, I have a rule in Asana that creates a new subtask. That new task is noticed by Make and couples an email action to it and completes the subtask. Whatever trigger (in my case moving to sections, but it could also be a change of a custom field) is set, Asana makes a new subtask, and thus a new cycle in Make to execute. Hope this helps you out as well.