Send an email with dynamic content (asana) starting with an asana trigger

I want to make a scenario where make sends a gmail email with dynamic content (coming from asana) when a task in asana (trigger) is updated.

I tried to use a Webhook but it doesn’t resolve with the “changed” option and I can’t get dynamic content either, I use filters but they don’t work, they send a lot of emails.

Another thing I tried is to see all the asana tasks but send emails from time to time so it doesn’t work, I also tried filters but nothing. Lastly I tried the option to update a task and this only updates the task in asana and is not a trigger.

What I really want to know is if what I mentioned at the beginning can be done either with Webhooks or with filters because I haven’t been able to do it, I don’t know if it’s wrong, someone else has done it or it just can’t be done. Thank you in advance for your help.

PS: I speak Spanish if there is someone here who speaks Spanish better (use a translator)