[SEO] - Push url to google search console for indexation

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to push new url from my wordpress website to google search console. I can do it manually or from my sitemap. But i want to push directly with API

I do that

But i think thez doesn’t work because on search console when i check url it’s said “push for indexation”.

Someone already tried ?

It’s okay :slight_smile: just follow documentation.

Hello there @hugo2 :blob_wave:

Awesome to hear that the documentation managed to walk you through the process! :tada:

Thanks a lot for sharing your progress with us and for helping us keep the community organized by marking your comment as a solution :pray:

Keep up the great work :four_leaf_clover:

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So what is the solution?

Just follow documentation on make.

  • Active API Indexing on your google developper account
  • Connect make with ID
  • Enjoy