Set reminder in Hubspot at task due time

I am trying to create a task in hubspot once a deal has been created.

Task due date is set to one month before closedate
{{addMonths(; -1)}}

This returns fine but I don’t know how to concatenate this with setHour to 12PM

Then I need to set the reminder to “At task due time”

Can someone please guide me?

I managed to sort this but posting it here in case someone needs it too:

Set the Activity Date as {{setHour(addMonths(; -1); 12)}}

This will set the due date to one month before the close date and the time to 12PM

then set the reminder to basically the same thing but format the time as Hubspot needs an epoc time

{{formatDate(setHour(addMonths(; -1); 12); “x”)}}

Hope this helps someone.

Set the reminder for same date and 12pm for it to show “At task due time”

Heya @4KS :wave:

I just wanted to give you big thumbs up from the community for solving your troubles on your own. It is so awesome that you figured this one out!

Thanks a lot for getting back to us and sharing your solution for other Makers to use. :+1:

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