HubSpot - Create Broadcast Message - Trigger at FAILS

Hi There,

When attempting to use the HubSpot (Create Broadcast Message) module, I can’t seem to get it to work when providing anything other than null for the Trigger at field.

Any other I provide ends up yielding the error of:
Unknown type 'Date' of parameter 'triggerAt'.

Any ideas or help on this? Thanks!

I don’t have access to Hubspot so I can’t say for certain, but reviewing the Hubsmot Create a Broadcast Message API endpoint, the triggerAt field expects a date value.

Trigger At triggerAt: {timestamp}
used in the request body A Unix timestamp in milliseconds of the time that the message should be published to the channel. If this is not included in the request, the message will be published immediately.

Try passing, Unix Timestamp date value in the field, for testing you can pass formatDate(now;X) and see if that works for you.

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