Setting payment terms in the Shopify API

Hi, we are using PDFDataNet - - to convert PDF sales orders into XML files and the Make Shopify API to create the order. A new client wants us to set the order payment due date as 30 days from the order date.

Can anyone suggest how/if this can be done.

Many thanks in advance.

@Andrew-PDF Could you please be more descriptive next time? And show us where you are stuck (incl screenshots) :wink:

You can use the addDays() function

@Bjorn.drivn - thanks for your reply. We can add the 30 days to the PDF order date to get the required payment date and pass that in the XML file. Where we are stuck is in the Shopify create order module, how do we map the XML field to something that will populate the payment date or payment terms in the Shopify order?