Simple telegram to discord

Dear Community Mambers,

Is there anyone out there who can confirm that this simple template Telgram to Discord its working for him in production environment ? ?

  1. no so perfectly written descriptions and guidance as this one:

  2. connection problems just after when you delete your very 1-st setup

  3. I didn’t have a chance to use all available resources in free account because nothing want to work but is this payed account can help to reach support faster ?

It definitely works,

1. Private message to bot



2. Channel messages

Changed the variable to Channel post: Text because my bot was also in a channel.




It’s hard to believe that this solution it’s working in any production environment. I set this up, it work just one day, I didn’t update anything anywhere, and here we go again: The operation failed with an error. [403] Missing Permissions.

It could be that this issue its related to Discor but server status doesn’t show any errors