Simulate scenario

Is it possible to simulate a whole scenario?

I’ve folllowed the guide to create a Json from copying the output of the module.

I’ve done this for module 13 and 45, and created module 52 and 53.
I’ve then done a test by remapping the data for module 21.

Now, if I say run once, it runs module 11, which I don’t want. If you instead run once module 52, it just does that, and not the rest of the sequence. When i go in a row clicking run once, when I get to module 21 it asks for the input, instead of using the json data.

So what is the best way to test the whole scenario with my test data?

Thank you.

Hi @Mit

Please move the scheduled to Parse JSON module to run the scenario from the Parse JSON module.

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Thank you for the reply, but how do I move the trigger? not been able to figure this out.

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Please hold shift along with mouse left click and move it.


OMG! This worked, to be clear I have to drag the “trigger circle” and not the module. So the bit with lighting bolt symbol. But this worked. Amazing, thank you so much.

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