Social Media Scheduler: What's Going Wrong?

Take a look at how these are posting to our Facebook page. Does anyone know what could be going wrong?

When it posts, it also changes the text of the post (in the “Post” column). The text should be

“Director of Gaming, Mike Wallis, spreading the word on why Alloy is taking the gaming industry to the next level! Join the revolution at: https:// #playalloy #gamer #gaming
(except with no space after the https://)

Starting Points to walk through testing on. (I would need to see the scenario to dive in deeper) == the bucket must be public == the image/file must be published to the public.
any module that is looking for an image file, needs the file contents linked
while a module looking for an image url, need the url.
text when posting to social and discord may have special formatting requirements in relation to special text elements (e.g. @tags, #tags, links etc)

If you still need help after confirming these quick things, feel free to drop your scenario here.